Todd Samara
Todd was born in May, 1943 in Brooklyn, New York.  Bored with his grade school studies he filled his notebooks with drawings instead of doing homework.  Observing his father painting landscapes, Todd began painting at age 14.  His first painting  -  garbage cans in an alleyway near his home illuminated by a streetlight  -  was the beginning of his fascination with ordinary objects, landscapes and people.

Rebellious in a gentle way, Todd was further distanced from his upbringing and greatly influenced by Beat poets, artists and musicians he encountered in Greenwich Village while he was still in high school.

Todd studied painting at the Caton Rose Institute of Art in Jamaica, Queens, New York and the Arts Student League in New York City. He received his BFA in 1983 at the State University of New York (SUNY), New Paltz, NY.  He has had numerous one-man exhibitions in New York and New Jersey since 1974, and  participates in many group shows.

Well-known and much admired, Todd has lived in the Hudson Valley for 30 years, observing the landscape and its inhabitants and transforming them with paint into works of great emotional intensity.  He can often be seen on walkabout, gathering new inspiration for his paintings.

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current work
"The compelling vision of Hudson Valley artist Todd Samara  draws on roots firmly planted in a well-known locale".......
                                                                American Artist Magazine, July,2010
Coming Home 
 An interpretation inspired by the 10 ox herding pictures of Zen Buddhism. Ox herding imagery represents a narrative tradition dating back to the 12th century that illustrates the stages of the progression towards enlightenment.